Zipper Chain

John Howard Company carries a variety of zipper chain in both molded and coil for use in many industries, including apparel, luggage, sporting goods, camping equipment and more. If you need rolls of zipper chain we’ve got you covered!

Molded Plastic Zipper Chain Open
Molded Plastic

Individual pieces of molded plastic teeth set onto zipper tape at precise intervals. Typically used in marine applications, jackets, backpacks and sleeping bags.

Size: #5, #8, #10
Color: Stocked in Black, Other Colors Available
Put-Up: #5 – 250 Yards/roll
#8 – 200 Yards/roll
#10 – 100 Yards/roll
Nylon Zipper Coil Open
Nylon Coil

Nylon zippers with teeth of extruded plastic sewn onto the zipper tape. Very flexible and available in a variety of sizes (gauges).

Size: #3, #5, #8, #10
Color: Stocked in Black, Other Colors Available
Put-Up: #3 – 450 Yards/spool
#5 – 250 Yards/spool
#8 – 200 Yards/spool
#10 -150 Yards/spool

Zipper Sliders

Non-Locking Sliders

Non-locking sliders are manufactured without a locking pin therefore the pull tab does not lock at any position. Best used on those applications where there is no, or minimal crosswise tension against the zipper chain.

Available in #3, #5, #8 & #10
Other colors available, minimums may apply

For Molded Chain

 Molded Non-Locking Slider

Molded Non-Locking Sliders

 Molded Non-Locking Double Pull Slider

Molded Non-Locking Double Pull Sliders
 For Nylon Coil

 Nylon Coil Non-Locking Slider

Nylon Coil Non-Locking Sliders

Locking Sliders

Locking sliders are manufactured with a small pin between the teeth on the zipper chain. This locking pin prevents the slider from moving down the zipper chain and opening the zipper until the slider tab is pulled.

Available in #3, #5, #8 & #10

 For Molded Chain

 Molded Autolock Slider

Molded Autolock Sliders
 For Nylon Coil

 Nylon Coil Autolock Slider

Nylon Coil Autolock Sliders
  • Other styles and finishes available including Reverse, Nickel Plated, Brass, etc.
  • Custom orders welcome
  • Contact a sales representative for more information

Zipper sliders

John Howard Company offers a wide variety of zipper sliders for product manufacturers and the US Military.

What is a Zipper Slider?

A zipper slider, also known as a zipper pull or zipper head, is a small device used to open and close a zipper. It is typically made of metal or plastic and consists of a body with a built-in mechanism that engages the interlocking teeth of a zipper chain. The slider has a tab or handle that allows the user to grip and move it along the zipper track.

When the slider is pulled in one direction, it engages the teeth of the zipper, closing or fastening the two sides together. Conversely, when the slider is pulled in the opposite direction, it disengages the teeth, opening the zipper and separating the two sides.

Zipper sliders come in various shapes, sizes, and designs depending on the type of zipper they are intended to work with. They are commonly used in a wide range of products, including garments, bags, luggage, shoes, and other items that require secure and convenient opening and closing mechanisms.

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We invite you to talk to our zipper experts and see how we can supply you with the perfect zippers and zipper sliders for your products today!