Providing a Higher Level of Service and Products

John Howard Company, Inc., was founded in 1970 to provide a higher level of service in the textile industry. Since then, the vision and dedication of its founder has taken it to the status of a highly regarded international company. Originally focusing on the mountaineering industry, John Howard Company has expanded its services and product offerings across a wide variety of areas including:

  • Medical-Restraints,Orthopedic Products,(Knee, Wrist Leg Supports),Wheelchair accessories.
  • Military-Tactical (Molle) Vests, Backpacks ,Gun Slings
  • Police-Gun Holsters, Thigh Rigs, Bullets Proof Vests(Body Amour)
  • Automotive-Car Covers, Car bras, Interior Components, Car Mats, Soft Luggage Carriers, Upholstery Supplies
  • Off Road Vehicles-Window Safety Nets, Restraint Harnesses, Seats, Tie Downs
  • Pets-Dog & Cat Collars, Horse Halters, Horse Blankets, Horse Ankle Supports, Pet Beds
  • Outdoor Recreation-Mountain Climbing Gear, Tents, Backpacks, Harnesses
  • Recreational- Surf leashes, Surfboard bags, Umbrellas, Trampolines, Golf bags, Bicycle Bags, Motorcycle Bags
  • Aircraft-Seats, Escape Chutes, Cargo Restraints, Engine Covers
  • Fire-Firefighter Suits, Gloves, Bags, Helmets, Harnesses
  • AreoSpace
  • Babies-Baby Carries, Swaddles, Packs

John Howard Company is a major supplier of products including: plastic hardware, webbing, hook and loop, elastics, tapes, industrial thread and products for the military, mountaineering, backpacks, recreation, and much more.