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Quik Disconnect Suspender Clips

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Quik Disconnect Suspender Clips

Colors: Black or white
Material: Acetal Nylon
6249 Sewable Stud
1-1/4″ 6250
Quick Disconnect Strap Retainer
1-1/2″ 6266
Quick Disconnect Strap Retainer


We have developed a low profile sewable stud that serves as an attachment point for a unique easy-to-assemble suspender clip. Once installed, the clips will breakaway at about 10 lbs., which offers the added feature of providing a safety in case suspenders get caught into machinery. Because the clip swivels in relation to the sewable stud, the clip will naturally swivel to match the appropriate angle of the criss-cross of the suspender, preventing any bunching on the fabric or elastic

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