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No. H/C 530 Hot and Cold Automatic Electronic Cutting Machine

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No. H/C 530 Hot and Cold Automatic Electronic Cutting Machine

Will cut and count up to 99,999 pieces. Automatically stops on any count it is set for. Temperature control up to 900 degrees. It will cut elastic, webbing (Up to ¼” Thick), ribbon, belt loops, graphite, velcro, nylon cord, leather, light gauge wire, safety belts, rubber and vinyl to name a few. Tape rack included.


  • POWER SUPPLY – 120 volts.
  • FEEDING SPEED – adjustable up to 13 inches per second
  • CUTTING LENGTH – approx 400 ft.
  • CUTTING WIDTH – 4 inches
  • TOLERANCE – .05% of total cut
  • QUANTITY – up to 99,999 pieces
  • COUNTER – up to 99,999 pieces
  • SAFETY – knife cover sensor – auto stop roll end sensor.
  • SCALE – inches and millimeters
  • AUTO – feed/reverse


Safety Handle – Heat resistant handle on the safety cover makes it safer and easier to remove the cover. Alarm

Will sound to alert operator when the following occurs:

  • When machine runs out of material
  • The knife safety cover is removed
  • When the machine reaches the amount the counter is set for
    (the length of time the alarm stays on is adjustable)

Auto Shut Off
When the HC-530 is set up on the hot knife system.
After turning ON the machine if the operator does not cut any material within 15 minutes the machine will automatically turn the power off to the heating element (the amount of waiting time is adjustable).

If the operator forgets to turn off the machine at the end of the day, the machine will automatically shut the power off to the heater control box. This will increase safety and reduce costs by prolonging the life of the heating elements and also lowering energy consumption.

  • ALL parts are guaranteed for 1 year including heating elements and knives.
  • Electronics are guaranteed for 2 years.

    VIEW of CONTROL PANEL (below)


    Exploded View (below)


    Parts List (below)cut-hc-530-photo2


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