John Howard Company  offers a variety of Cordlocks.

Cordlocks are small mechanical devices used to secure the ends of cords and strings in place. They are commonly used in various applications, such as outdoor gear, backpacks, clothing, and sporting equipment.

Cordlocks typically consist of a plastic or metal body with a spring-loaded mechanism that allows users to adjust the length of a cord or tighten it in place. The cord is threaded through the cordlock, and when the cordlock is closed, it holds the cord in place.

Cordlocks are often designed to be used with cords of different sizes and can be adjusted to fit various diameters of cords. They come in different shapes and sizes, including barrel-shaped cordlocks, flat cordlocks, and toggle cordlocks.

Cordlocks are essential components for outdoor enthusiasts who need to adjust the tightness of their gear to fit different conditions. They are also useful for everyday items like jackets, bags, and shoes that require secure and adjustable closures.


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