Kevlar Twisted Multifilament A-A-55220

Kevlar Thread Although Kevlar’s heat resistance is not as great as that of Nomex, Kevlar’s strength is superior to all other fibers. In fact, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel by weight. It has become the thread choice in those special high stress, volatile applications that require extreme strength and heat protection.

Fiber Type Kevlar
Thread Construction Twisted Multifilament
Sizes Available Medium: T-40, T-60
  Heavy: T-135
  Extra Heavy: T-210, T-400
  • Very high strength – stronger than steel.
  • Very good heat resistance.
Comments Natural color is yellow. Available in dyed black solution.
Very expensive as compared to Polyester or Nylon sewing threads.
Decomposes at approx. 930o .F
Resistance to degradation during long term exposure at elevated temperatures is not as good as Nomex.
Mil-Spec Approved by the Federal Government to supply Kevlar under Federal Specifications A-A-55220
Technical Information Tex Min. Yards/Pound Min. Breaking Strength
  40 10,000 14
  60 6,700 23
  80 5,000 30
  120 3,350 45
  210 2,100 64
  400 1,050 135
  450 900 150
  800 550 225

Kevlar is a trademark of E.I. DuPont DeNemours, Inc.