Excell® Spun Polyester Thread

Spun polyester thread is a great general thread for sewing anything from light weight garments like blouses & dresses to heavy weight garments like jeans, gloves, mattresses, etc.

Fiber Type
Thread Construction
Sizes Available
Light: T-21, T-27
Medium: T-40
Heavy: T-60, T-80
Extra Heavy: T-90, T-210
  • Less expensive than corespun threads.
  • Meets both NAFTA and CAFTA customs requirements.
  • Reduced variation in construction.
  • Excellent lubricity.
  • Stronger than cotton threads of equal size.
  • Excellent seam strength.
  • Very good chemical resistance.
  • Very good colorfastness.
Melts when temperatures exceed 480� F – not as good resistance to needle heat as D-Core.
On certain types of sewing machines, it may not sew as well as core threads.