D-Core® Cotton Wrapped / Polyester Core Thread
Combine the strength of a polyester core with the superior sewability of a high-lubricity cotton wrap. Result in a thread that creates, smooth seams with great looks and natural “give”. Stand up to high-speed sewing, offering high resistance to needle burn and decreasing the need for seam repairs.

Fiber Type Polyester Core, Cotton Wrapped
Finishes Soft*, Glaced**
Thread Construction Corespun – Cotton Wrapped
Sizes Available Light: T-24, T-35
Medium: T-40, T-50
Heavy: T-60, T-80, T-105
Extra Heavy: T-120, T-135, T-150, T-180, T-240, T-300
  • Can provide a wash-down look.
  • Excellent sewability.
  • Recommended for automatic sewing machines (multi-directional).
  • Very good needle heat resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Very good seam strength.
Comments Melts when temperatures exceed 485 °F.
Not as color-fast as 100% polyester threads.
*Soft refers to thread that receives no further processing to change it’s general physical characteristics. It is dyed to the proper shade and degree of color fastness, wound on the proper size package, and lubricated for sewability.

**Glaced refers to a finish in which 100% cotton and some cotton wrapped core threads are treated with starches, waxes, and special chemicals under controlled heat and then brushed or polished to a high luster. The result is a glossy, hard finish that protects the thread from abrasion and enhances ply security during the sewing of hard to penetrate fabrics.