2023 for John Howard Company was another great year and one worth another look at. This year was filled with a wide array of amazing products including: Plastic Hardware, Berry Compliant Hardware for the Military, Nylon Webbing and Tape, Cordage, Hook and Loop offerings, rolls of Zipper chain and finally topped off with a brand new line of Magnetic Buckles. Don’t forget (UNLIKE OUR COMPETITION) we’ve got LIVE STAFF to answer your calls – so just give us a ring and you’ll get expert help and advise on what products are best for your products and budget!

Below is just a small taste of some of the highlights in our YEAR IN REVIEW!

Mil-PRF-5038 Nylon Tape

GET LOW LOW PRICING for Mil-W-17337 Webbing and Mil-T-5038 Nylon Tape!

In a year in which other suppliers are jacking their prices up through the roof – John Howard Company has been working hard at holding down our costs to provide YOU with best prices possible. But with inflation still raging we don’t know how long we can keep them this up!

Give us a call ASAP if you’re need of either Mil-W-17337 Webbing or Mil-T-5038 Nylon Tape while we’ve still got the best pricing!

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Tactical Plastic Buckles for the Military

Durable Quality with John Howard Company’s Tactical Plastic Buckles

In high-pressure situations, the reliability of tactical equipment is non-negotiable. John Howard Company, a trusted name in the industry, prioritizes quality, durability, and dependability in its range of tactical plastic buckles, designed specifically for soldiers and law enforcement professionals.

Tactical Plastic Buckles: Ensuring Mission-Critical Reliability

Visit John Howard Company’s Tactical Plastic Buckles Page

John Howard Company recognizes the critical role that tactical hardware plays in the lives of our military soldiers, police officers and emergency rescue workers. John Howard Company’s tactical plastic buckles are meticulously engineered to meet the demands of high-stress situations and challenging environments.

Key features include:

  • Durability and Strength: Built to withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Quick Release Mechanism: Ensures rapid response when time is of the essence.
  • Load-Bearing Capability: Reliable support for carrying gear without compromise.
  • MOLLE Compatibility: Seamless integration with modular systems.
  • Adjustable & Customizable: Adaptable to diverse operational needs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a range of tactical and mission critical applications.

Mil-W-17337 Webbing:

Mil-W-17337 Webbing: A Versatile and Durable Solution

Visit John Howard Company’s Mil-W-17337 Webbing Page

Mil-W-17337 webbing, a military-grade material, is a key component in the John Howard Company’s commitment to quality. Known for its durability, high tensile strength, and resistance to abrasion, it is ideal for various military and civilian applications. Key properties include:

  • Durability: Withstands challenging environments.
  • High Tensile Strength: Provides reliable support for heavy-duty applications.
  • Resistance to Abrasion: Maintains integrity in demanding situations.

Mil-PRF-5038 Nylon Tape

Mil-PRF-5038 Nylon Tape: Unparalleled Strength and Versatility

Visit John Howard Company’s Mil-PRF-5038 Nylon Tape Page

Mil-PRF-5038 nylon tape, conforming to stringent U.S. Department of Defense standards, boasts exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. Its key properties, including durability, high tensile strength, and temperature resistance, make it an invaluable component in various industries.

Zipper Chain supplier

Zip it up with John Howard Company Zipper Chain!

Visit John Howard Company’s Heavy Duty Zipper Chain Page

As a leading zipper chain supplier in the USA, John Howard Company provides heavy-duty zipper chains to both the military and product manufacturers. These chains find applications in backpacks, vests, tents, camping gear, outdoor equipment, luggage, and more, ensuring durability and reliability in every use.

Need zippers? We’ve got you covered!
Not sure what zipper is best for your application? Give us a call and our experts will help you find the perfect zipper at the best price for your needs!

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webbing fabric supplier

Webbing Fabric for Outdoor Gear

Visit John Howard Company’s Webbing Fabric Page

Specialized webbing fabric from John Howard Company ensures durability and reliability in manufacturing outdoor gear. Engineered for strength and endurance, this woven fabric serves as the backbone for crafting load-bearing components in backpacks, tents, and camping gear. With exceptional tensile strength and resistance to environmental factors, it guarantees longevity in challenging outdoor conditions. Choose John Howard Company’s webbing fabric for top-tier performance, providing the strength and reliability needed for outdoor adventures.

When reliability matters most, choose John Howard Company. Give Us a Call Today!

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magnetic buckles

Innovative Magnetic Buckles are Now Here!

Want a hot new product to catch attention of your buyers? We’ve got easy-to-use, quick connecting Magnetic Buckles in stock for all your new products and gear. These buckles have a wide range of uses and allow for one handed operation making them perfect for pockets or strap for kids and adults alike! Click here to check ’em out! (There’s more on the way too!)

Industrial Sewing Thread

Your Source for Industrial Sewing Thread 

Need Industrial Sewing Thread for your products and gear?
We’ve got you covered! John Howard Company is  a leading supplier of premium industrial sewing threads. Our durable, industrial thread options offer unrivaled quality, a wide range of colors, and innovative solutions. Choose excellence, reliability, and competitive pricing. Contact us today and talk to our LIVE experts today! We’ll give you first class product support and guidance on which thread products are best for  your specifications and requirements!

Contact John Howard Company’s LIVE SUPPORT for more information!