Cutting Machines and Equipment

John Howard Company has everything you need to fulfill your cutting needs!

Need to cut Webbing, Straps, Cords, Elastics to the perfect size? We’ve got you covered!

We have a wide variety of cutting machines – from simple to super-advanced which you can purchase. we have over 80 different cutting machines available to match your equipment needs. We’ve can supply you with the top of the line cutting machines, to manual handheld hole punches and rope cutters, John Howard Company only sells the best and most reliable equipment. With super fast shipping times and warranties to cover your equipment, to phone support on setting up and running your machine, there is no better place to go than John Howard Company. There are many companies out there that sell sub-par cutting machines, but you can be assured John Howard Company only sells the most reliable, accurate machines on the market!!

Can’t seem to find a machine to fit your needs? We can work with our manufacturer to make a custom machine to accomplish whatever you need!!

We also Offer in-house Cutting Services

Need someone else to do the dirty work of cutting? Or maybe you have rapid turnaround requirements on a delivery….We can help! We offer professional cutting services. Our expert cutting team can take care of your cutting needs for you and often times completing your order within days!
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