Spun Kevlar A-A-55195

Although Kevlar’s heat resistance is not as great as that of Nomex, Kevlar’s strength is superior to all other fibers. In fact, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel by weight. It has become the thread choice in those special high stress, volatile applications that require extreme strength and heat protection.

Fiber Type Aramid
Finishes Soft
Thread Construction Spun from Staple
Sizes Available Light: T-35
Medium: T-50, T-60
Heavy: T-70, T-90, T-105
  • Excellent resistance to short term heat exposure.
  • Excellent strength.
  • Good resistance to most organic solvents.
  • Not affected by age.
  • Excellent mildew resistance.
Comments Decomposes quickly if exposed to chlorine bleach.
Low elongation may require special machine adjustments.
Kevlar is dyed with cationic dyes which have poor UV resistance.
Very expensive when compared to other types of threads.
Mil-Spec Approved by the Federal Government to supply Kevlar (Spun) under Federal Specifications A-A-55195
Technical Information Tex Min. Yards/Pound Min. Breaking Strength
39 11,970 6.0 lbs.
59 7,980 8.5
78 5,700 12
98 4,560 16
118 3,990 19
138 3,420 22
Kevlar is a trademark of E.I. DuPont DeNemours, Inc.