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Anti-Break Male Stealth Warrior Buckle

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Anti-Break Male Stealth Warrior Buckle

Color: Black
Material: Acetal Nylon
3/4″ (20mm) DA006 DA006a
1″ (25mm) 7005 7006
1-1/2″ (38mm) DA007 DA007a
2″ (50mm) 7007 7008


Sometimes subtle design improvements can result in major end-user enhancements. Continuing our evolution of the Stealth® Series of Side Squeeze® buckles, we have incorporated our new patented Anti-Break® leg retaining straps, which drastically prevent the male legs from being broken when accidentally bent outwards. We have also incorporated our patented High Release Angle feature of our Tensionlocks®, which helps prevent web slippage. And, finally, we have included the high strength Virtual Locking® system, which allows us to obtain high tensile loads in a sleek, lower profile, short design.

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