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Duckbill® Tensionlock®

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Duckbill® Tensionlock®

Color: Black
Material: Acetal Nylon
3/4″ (20mm) 6973 6423
1″ (25mm) 6974 6422
1-1/2″ (40mm) 7425 7410
30mm DA0270001 DA027NQ01


Our Duckbill® Tensionlock® offers an enlarged finger release tab with an integrated fully rounded style that tested the limits of our 3D computer aided design capability. An absolutely elegant shape dominates the simple useful functional appearance of what will become our next standard heading into the next century. We have incorporated our patented high release angle feature to accomplish an “ever so slightly” higher release angle than our standard Tensionlocks. Different from our “true” high release angle pull applications, where a high release angle might be difficult to cinch.

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