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Stealth Side Squeeze Buckle

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Stealth Side Squeeze Buckle

Color: Black (Other colors available)
Material: Acetal Nylon
Sizes: Male/Female Male/Female
3/4″ (20mm) 6403/6404 5616/5617
1″ (25mm) 6358/6359 5614/5615
1-1/4″ (30mm) DA003D/DA003K DA003Da/DA003Ka


For the minimalists who wanted the shortest, sleekest buckle we could design, we have produced the Stealth. Consider the Stealth as a baby brother to our Streamline. The Stealth offers the hefty finger release area and general over-all appearance common to the Streamline, just in a smaller, more medium weight form. Although compact in size, the Stealth series incorporates our new Virtual Locking system, which offers impressive strength. Ideal for compression straps and tight areas and strong enough to handle most any load on a backpack or soft luggage.

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