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Rock Lockster Side Release Buckles

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Rock Lockster Side Release Buckles

Color: Black (Other colors available)
Material: Acetal Nylon
Sizes: Male/Female Male/Female
3/4″ (20mm) 7315/7316 7392/7393
1″ (25mm) 7145/7146 7394/7395
1-1/2″ (38mm) 7606/7607 7891/7892


Wildly stylized but incredibly functional. Every aspect of this design incorporates all the technology we have developed over the last decade. Starting with the male, we have incorporated our Virtual Locking System for exceptional strength and the overlapping bar structure provides for greater slip resistance. The female’s exterior profile allows the user unexcelled easy access to release the male component and built into the side support structures for the back bar, we have overlapping “double walls” for added strength.

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