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Quad Release Systems

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Quad Release Systems

Worldwide supplier of the Quad Release System!

The fully integrated Quad Release System is a major improvement to the systems now used on tactical vests. Each buckle works as a standard side release buckle and offers simple size adjustment. Release each buckle individually or all 4 buckles simultaneously, the buckle/fixed cable assembly offers flexibility for various design requirements. Each component is designed to be field reparable with incomparable ease of assembly.


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Color: Black, Foliage Green 504, Tan 499
Material: Acetal
Triggers P/N
Quad X Trigger w/Cable Only 10458V
Evil Twin 10234V
Back Release 10340V
1″ HD Male 10371V
1-1/2″ HD Male 10358V
1-1/2″ HD Repair Male 10213
1-1/2″ Female Single 9402 – For use with 10358 only
1-1/2″ Female Adjust 9403 – For use with 10358 only

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