Modular Berry Compliant

John Howard Company offers a variety of heavy duty berry compliant Modular Berry Compliant hardware for military equipment.

Modular Berry Compliant hardware refers to a type of equipment or hardware that is designed to meet the Berry Amendment requirements while being modular in nature. The Berry Amendment is a law that requires the U.S. Department of Defense to give preference to domestically produced goods, including clothing, textiles, and other materials, for military use.

Modular Berry Compliant hardware is made up of interchangeable components or modules that can be quickly and easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured as needed. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in the field, as well as easier maintenance and repair.

For example, a modular Berry Compliant backpack might have detachable pouches and pockets that can be rearranged to accommodate different gear and supplies, or a modular Berry Compliant weapon system might have interchangeable barrels, grips, and sights that can be swapped out to suit different missions or environments.

By combining the Berry Amendment requirements with modular design principles, modular Berry Compliant hardware can help ensure that the U.S. military has access to high-quality, domestically produced equipment that is adaptable to a wide range of operational needs.


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