Nylon monocord thread features a flat, ribbon-like cross section for low-profile stitches. It is a great thread for use in Furniture, Automotive Trim, Shoes & Boots, Medical and Orthopedic Devices, Quilts and other products that may require good abrasion resistance and seam strength.

Fiber Type
Thread Construction
Sizes Available
Light: T-45
Medium: T-70
Heavy: T-90, T-105, T-135
Extra Heavy: T-150, T-350, T-600, T-700
  • Flat and ribbon-like cross-section.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Very good seam strength.
  • Low seam profile.
  • Superior strength to other thread constructions of equal size.
  • Consistency in physical characteristics.
  • Good chemical resistance.
Melts when temperatures exceed 480°F.
Chemical resistance is not as good as polyester.
Ultraviolet (UV) resistance is generally not as good as polyester.